In six months' time exactly, the engines will roar again in Molsheim and on the beautiful Alsatian roads. Following cancelling of ‘20 edition due to the health crisis, the Festivity of Automobile will take over its rights again.




Despite the current situation, which still requires distancing, the committee is working tirelessly to build the fourth edition, on which pilots, spectators and those who have never ceased mobilizing, are waiting for so long, but also to ensure the sustainability of the event.

The schedule and route have now taken shape. As early as Wednesday afternoon, the teams may complete the administrative and technical formalities. These will continue Thursday until the end of afternoon, shortly before starting to a completely new demonstration stage. This will take the participants to an even more unheard place, but ... we'll talk about that later.

Two loops including two demonstration stages each are on the program for both Friday and Saturday. As every year, the traditional roadshow is well placed in the timing. This highlight of the festival will take place in the early evening in Molsheim on Friday, August 27th.

We remind to the fact that the Alsace Rallye Festival is a general public event for historic rally vehicles from the sixties until the nineties. The festival is not a sports competition, but a lively and dynamic museum that will travel for three days through the Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin, which are now united in the European Community of Alsace. It will take place on closed and secured roads, without obligation of respecting neither time schedule nor classification. No timekeeping means also no pressure for the drivers: priority goes to the show and dynamic presentation of the rally cars as they were at the time, for the only enjoyment of the participants and the spectators. Stars of the Alsace Rallye Festival are the cars! But of course, as well as in previous years, numerous famous rally drivers will be there again.

However, participants will have to wait a few weeks before opening of pre-registrations. The Alsace Rallye Festival welcomes original or replica cars that are at least 25 years old and have been involved in the history of international rallies. They are divided into different categories according to their consistency with the original.

Category A
ORIGINAL: original rally cars presenting historic attract.
SLO1: replicas of historic rally cars, similar to the original.
SLO2: replicas presenting light modifications to the original historic rally car.

Category B
Rally cars presenting an historic interest, selected by the committee.



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